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2022.01.26   Designated as the Governing Body for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award

2022.03.16   MOU signed with Chicago Korean Education Center

2021.06.27      11th Anniversary Ceremony and Inauguration of 6th Chairman of the Board Chunghee Kimberly Kang

2020.03.18      Cultural Center closed temporarily per Covid-19 pandemic Illinois Government Guidelines

2020.06.15      Cultural Center reopened with Covid-19 pandemic Illinois Government Guidelines

2020.06.          10th Anniversary Cancelled due pandemic

2020.08           Consecutive term of the 8th President Yoon Tae Kim

2020.09.05     ‘Junior Ambassador’ Youth Volunteer Group Founded

2020.11.20       Illinois State Government Announces Covid-19 Tier 3 Temporarily Closes Cultural Center

2020.12.17       National Endowment for Humanities Announces $600,000 Grant to Cultural Center

2019.04.02      Correspondence with Poongmul School (Chairman: Soon S. Park)

2019.06.30      9th Anniversary Ceremony and Inauguration of the 5th Chairman of the Board Moon Sang Lim

2019.07.30      Bisco Charitable Foundation Press Conference

2019.08.18      Introducing the Director Policy System

2019.12            $1.5M 10-year Pledge launch from Bisco Charitable Foundation

2018.07.07     8th Anniversary Ceremony and Consecutive term of 7th President Yoon Tae Kim

2017.06.09     7th Anniversary Ceremony; Busan Dr. Naming Ceremony; Flower Wall donation Ceremony donated by the Busan Metropolitan Government 

2017.08           Consecutive term of the 4th Chairman of the Board Kee Nam Chang

2017.10.21       Korean Cultural Center Signage Ceremony

2016.06.10    Korean Cultural Hall Signage Erected  

2016.06.26    6th Anniversary Ceremony and Inauguration of 6th President Yoon Tae Kim

2016.07.24    Opening ceremony of Dolharbang and stone lantern (donated by Pastor Heung J. Lee) and the Korean Cultural Park

2016.08.12    MOU signed with Village of Wheeling, ‘Suncheon Drive’ Naming Ceremony

2016.09.21    ‘Gangnam Drive’ Naming Ceremony

2015.04.07     5th Amendment of Articles of Association

2015.06.20     5th Anniversary Ceremony and Inauguration of the 3rd Chairman of the Board Kee Nam Chang

2014.06.29   4th Anniversary Ceremony and Inauguration of 5th President Seungja Patricia Kim   

2014.09.03   Cultural Center Choir Founding Ceremony

2013.08        3rd Anniversary Ceremony and Inauguration of 2nd Chairman of the Board Young Sik Yoon

2012.06.23     2nd Anniversary Ceremony

2012.07           Introducing the Board of Directors system  

2012.08           Inauguration of the 4th President Eugene Kim and the inauguration of the first Chairman of the Board Younghee Kang

  1.                 Cook County Property Tax Credit Authorization

2012.11             Completion of Busanjeong Pavilion

2011.06.11     1st Anniversary Ceremony

2010.04.20    Purchased current location of 3 Acre and building space of 32,500 sq.ft. 

2010.08          Consecutive term of the 3rd President Younghee Kang

2010.09          Tax Exemption Authorization from the State of Illinois

2009.10.24     Hold Cultural Center hall briefings, report meetings and public hearings

2008.12.18      Inauguration of the 2nd President Younghee Kang

2005.02.23    Registered as a nonprofit with the State of Illinois

2005.05          Inauguration of the 1st President Kee Nam Chang

2005.08.01    Establishment of Articles of Association

2005.11.22     Licensed by the Federal Government as a Nonprofit [501(C)3]

2004.10.30   Decision on the establishment of committee for the construction of Cultural Center

2004.12.21    Kee Nam Chang elected as first chairman of the Cultural Center

2011 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony