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2022.01.10   Traditional Hanbok Class Series, Newborn Korean Layette & Men’s Hanbok (1/6 scale) Class

2022.01.20   Korean Traditional Furniture Exhibition

2022.01.26   Designated as the President’s Volunteer Service Organization 

2022.02.19   Book Discussion #1 ‘A Man Called Ove’

2022.03.10   Mozart in the Morning ‘Pansori: Past and Present’

2022.03.11   K-experience, K-Pop Dance Studio Start

2022.03.12   Northern Illinois University Students and Professor Field Trip

2022.03.12   Gallery Invitation Exhibition ‘FOUNDATION’

2022.03.15   Asian Pop-up Cinema, 3 movies

2022.03.26   KCC Korean School Field Trip

2022.03.10   Received the Award of Excellence at the Illinois Association of Museums 2021 for excellent museum exhibition along with Buffalo Gove Raupp Museum for the ‘Let’s Eat!’ Exhibition

2021.01.07   KCCoC Quarterly Newsletter Vol 4 Issue 1

2021.02.06   Korean Traditional Hanbok Special Exhibition

2021.02.08   Raupp Museum Reached out for collaboration

2021.03.10   Chinquapin Preparatory School (Texas) Online Field Trip

2021.03.11   ‘Mozart in the Morning’ KCCoC Thursday Concert Series, March

2021.04.08   ‘Mozart in the Morning’ KCCoC Thursday Concert Series, April

2021.04.20   KCCoC Quarterly Newsletter Vol 4 Issue 2

2021.05.01   2021 KCCoC Music Composition Contest

2021.05.08   Library Book Discussion #1

2021.05.13   ‘Mozart in the Morning’ May Concert

2021.05.15   The 3rd KCCoC Student Art Competition Reinstated

2021.05.22   Volunteer Appreciation Day Event

2021.05.30  2021 KCCoC Music Composition Contest Winner Announcement

2021.06.11   Rummage Sale

2021.06.13   KCCoC Student Art Contestants Exhibition at Raupp Museum

2021.06.13   Korean Traditional Summer Classes #1-Minhwa Student Class, Shin Saimdang ‘Flowers and Insects’

2021.06.19   Gallery Exhibition, ’Growing on Their Own’ Open

2021.07.14   Korean Traditional Summer Classes: Quilt & Jewelry Box

2021.07.23   KCCoC Quarterly Newsletter Vol 4 Issue 3

2021.08.14   The 5th New Artist Competition

2021.08.15   Attend Korean-American Association of Chicago’s National Liberation Day of Korea Event

2021.08.21   Library Book Discussion #2

2021.09.09   ’Mozart in the Morning’ September Concert

2021.09.13   ‘Let’s Eat!’ Exhibition, collaboration with Raupp Museum

2021.09.18   Hagawi Event

2021.09.21   Next Generation Focus Group

2021.09.24   Cinema viewing of Korean movie, ‘Go Back’ in collaboration with Pop-up Cinema

2021.10.14   ’Mozart in the Morning’ October Concert

2021.10.16   Library Book Discussion #3

2021.10.19   Next Generation Focus Group

2021.10.20   Fundraiser Golf Outing

2021.10.21   KCCoC Quarterly Newsletter Vol 4 Issue 4

2021.10.25   Let’s Eat! Exhibition Opening Reception, Koran Traditional Charye, Demonstration

2021.11.06   K-experience ‘Squid Game’

2021.11.13   KCCoC Classic Concert Series 2021 Fall

2021.11.20   KCCoC Poongmul School-Helping Children’s Cancer performance

2021.12.11   Christmas Carol Concert

2020.01.18   KCCoC Special Museum Korean Traditional Hat Exhibition ‘Korean Fashion, Hat’

2020.01.25   Lunar New Year’s Event

2020.02.14    National Lewis University Field Trip to KCCoC

2020.03.07   Korean-American Association of Chicago Proceeds delivered to the Korean Community affected by COVID-19 

2020.03.08   The 3rd Annual KCCoC Choir Concert

2020.05.28   Attend Chicago Korean American Association COVID-19 Food Basket Distribution

2020.07.13   KCCoC New Letter Reinstated

2020.07.18   ‘Hope for the Flowers’ Special Exhibition 

2020.08.15   Korean-American Association of Chicago 8.15 Liberation Day Event, KCCoC awarded Volunteer Service Award

2020.09.20   Attend National Museum of Korea, ‘Studio M: On’, first online lecture

2020.09.26   KCCoC Museum Reopen 

2020.09.26   Minhwa Special Exhibition, Minhwa Class 

2020.10.17   K-Wedding; Korean Traditional Wedding

2020.10.24   KCCoC Quarterly Newsletter – Vol 3 Issue 2

2020.11.07   The 4th New Artist Competition

2020.11.16    Due to COVID-19, Instead of KCCoC 10th Year Annual Benefit Gala, Fundraising L Letters provided

2020.11.28   Giving Tuesday fundraising via Facebook matching campaign

2019.01.12    Abstract Exhibition ‘Eye Kill You’ by Suh Kyung-tae

2019.01.15    Good Parent Academy (10 weeks) Sponsor Event           

2019.01.19    Writing Letters between Families, A Seminar co-organized with Women’s Association

2019.02.02     Lunar New Year’s Day Event

2019.02.01     Folding Screen, Korean Painting Exhibition

2019.02.23      The 14th House Concert in Chicago ‘A love story drawn by 4 instruments’

2019.02.23      Chicago Girl’s Scout Field Trip

2019.02.25 3.1 Independence Movement Day Exhibition ‘Northern Islands Struggle for Independence

2019.03.03     Cultural Center Choir Annual Performances

2019.03.16     Concert co-organized with the Consulate General in celebration of 3.1 Independence Movement Day and the 100th Anniversary of the establishment of the Provisional Government 

2019.03.17     The 15th House Concert ‘Soo Kyung Kim and Jin Seo Concert’

2019.03.22     Visit Rogers park Montessori School to introduce Korean culture

2019.03.23      3 Young Writers Exhibition

2019.03.27      Berrian Springs Public School in Michigan Field Trip to Cultural Center  

2019.03.29     Cultural Center Concert-Pianist Kang Hyun-joo “To the Theater 100 Years ago”

2019.03.29     ‘Dream Pro’ Performer, Model Aspirant Briefing

2019.04.13      The 4th Cultural Center Concert

2019.04.20     Gilbut Seodang Calligraphy Exhibition

2019.04.21      The 16th House Concert ‘Spring Concert’

2019.04.26      Movie with commentary by Dr. Choi Sun-Ok, ‘Philomena’

2019.05.04      Korean Ink Painting Exhibition ‘Walk the Road of Ink Painting’ by Lim Sub-Soo  

2019.05.18      The 17th House Concert, ‘Duo Vocal Concert’

2019.05.20      Joint Scholarship Ceremony with Artists from SAIC

2019.05.24      Movie with Dr. Choi Sun-Ok, ‘The Reader’

2019.05.26      Son Man Sung, 50 Years of Chicago Immigration, ‘The Ordinary but Great, Story of Us’

2019.05.28      James N Gamble Montessori High School Field Trip to Cultural Center

2019.05.29 10 Midwest American Schools Sponsor Korean Experience Activities for Students in Korean Class

2019.06.01    Happy Family Seminar (co-organized by Mental Health Association, Korean Cultural Center, Hanul Family Alliance)

2019.06.01    Lee Chang-Ryul Solo Exhibition

2019.06.21     Movie with Dr. Choi Sun-ok, ‘The Edge’

2019.06.23    Poongmul School Participate in the Wheeling 125th Anniversary Parade 

2019.06.02    Korean Traditional Folding Screen Exhibition

2019.07.19    The Chicago Korean Art Association Annual Exhibition

2019.07.26    Movie with Dr. Choi Sun-ok, ‘Green Book’

2019.08.0     The 3rd New Artist Competition

2019.08.18    Poongmul School Participate in the Wheeling International Festival 

2019.08.20   Hand Drip Coffee Workshop 

2019.08.29   Journey to Korea at Open Center for the Arts – Korean Cultural Center Pop Up Museum 

2019.08.30   Movie with Dr. Choi Su-ok, ‘Opera Othello’

2019.09.04   Photo+Bal W Operze (Polish Musical)

2019.09.15    Hangawi Event

2019.09.19    Seoul Fine Arts Association Exhibition ‘Seoulism – Globalization of Seoul Contemporary Art’

2019.09.27   Movie with Dr. Choi Sun-ok, ‘Manchurian Candidate’

2019.09.29   Poongmul School Saulnori Performance at World Dumpling Festival

2019.10.06    The 9th Annual Dinner, Traditional Korean Wedding Demonstration

2019.10.20    Cabbage Cultures Program, Cabbage Kimchi at the Garfield Conservatory Park

2019.10.25    Movie with Dr. Choi Sun-ok, ‘Manchurian Candidate’

2019.10.28    National Lewis University Field Trip to KCCoC Museum

2019.11.20    Day of Making Kimchi with Neighbors

2019.11.22    Movie with Dr. Choi Sun-ok, ‘Manchurian Candidate’

2019.12.12    Mozart in the Moring ‘It’s Yu Lik’

2019.12.20    Movie with Dr. Choi Sun-ok, ‘Manchurian Candidate’

2019.12.23   Visit by Students from Korea National University of the Arts 

2018.01.14   Cultural Center Choir Fundraiser Performance – The Night of Mozart 

2018.01.14    PoArt Exhibit at KCC Gallery  

2018.01.19    Movie with Dr. Choi Sun-Ok: Mission

2018.01.27    Heart and Seoul Exhibit at CCM

2018.01.27     Korean Culture Box Exhibition at the Chicago Children’s Museum

2018.02.06     Black-and-white photo exhibition by photographer Kim Seung-Jae

2018.02.10     Experience the Korean Culture and traditions with the Korean Culture Box Exhibit   

2018.02.17     New Year’s Fest Event 

2018.02.18      Improvising on Piano, House Concert in Chicago 

2018.02.23      Movie appreciation event ‘Amadeus’  

2018.03.18      Gaya Chamber concert with Momoland—House Concert in Chicago

2018.03.20.    Learn to make Rice Cake Classes for Traditional Rice Cakes

2018.03.21    Confucius’ Special Lecture by President Yoon Tae Kim

2018.03.23    Movie with Dr. Choi Sun-Ok, ‘Imitation Game’

2018.04.07    Kim Seung-Jae Fine Arts Photography Course  

2018.04.15     House Concert in Chicago, Marianne Kim and the Jazz Quartet Concert  

2018.04.07     Folding Screen Exhibition (Embroidery, Calligraphy, Folktales, Korean Paintings, Folk Painting)

2018.04.16     Sewol Ferry Disaster Poongmul Concert by GPI  

2018.04.20     Movie with Dr. Choi Sun-Ok, ‘Out of Africa’  

2018.04.28     The 2nd Korean Cultural Center Concert ’Lonios Trio’ 

2018.05.04     The Chicago Korean Art Association 49th Exhibition ’Sensibility of Season ‘ 

2018.04.28    The 2nd New Artist Competition Exhibition

2018                English Book Club Total 6 times 

2018.05.19     Book discussion with Shin Jung-soon, author of “Dreamland”

2018.05.20    House concert in Chicago, ‘Clarinet Café’  

2018.05.25    Movie with Dr. Choi Sun-ok, “The Godfather”

2018.05.30     Forum on ‘Easy-to-Know 2018 U.S. Revised Tax Law Summary’

2018.06.12    Kim Mi-kyung World Tour Talk Show

2018.06.24   House Concert in Chicago ‘An Evening of Chamber Music’            

2018.06.29    Movie with Dr. Choi Sun-ok, ‘The Pianist’ 

2018.07.07    The 8th Anniversary Ceremony and Jazz Trio Concert by Marianne Kim and Performances by the Cultural Center Choir   

2018.07.21     2018 NAKS Korean Historical and Cultural Leadership Camp

2018.07.22    House Concert in Chicago- Young Musicians Concerts 

2018.07.27    Movie with commentary by Dr. Choi Sun-Ok ‘Book thief’ 

2018.08.04    2018 Youth Global Leadership Conference

2018.08.09    Korean Cooking in Chicago

2018.08.18     Mid-Summer Night Music Series Outdoor Concert

2018.08.19     Participate in Wheeling International Festival 

2018.08.24    Movie with Dr. Choi Sun-Ok, “Tosca of Puccini” 

2018.09.08    Consulate General 50th Anniversary Celebration Concert

2018.09.15    Clemtis Cello Quartet Performance Midsummer Night Music Series

2018.09.16    The 12th House Concert in Chicago ‘Healing Concert’

2018.09.22    Chuseok Holiday Festival

2018.09.26    Happy Parents Academy (10-week lecture) sponsored by the Chicago Korean Education Center

2018.09.28    Movie with Dr. Choi Sun-ok, “the 10th man”  

2018.10.09    The 8th Cultural Center Fundraiser Event

2018.10.25    Exhibition of Chrysanthemum Artwork by Horticultural Students and Instructors

2018.10.26    Movie with Dr. Choi Sun-ok, ‘The English Patient’

2018.11.01     Photo Exhibition, ‘Joy of Life’ by Kim Jong-Sam

2018.11.04    Yu Geum Wasang Museum Director Yu Chang-Jong’s Special Lecture “The History and Culture of Han, China, and Japan Seen Through Korean Kiwa

Lecture by Keum Ki-sook, “2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics’ Beauty of Costume”

2018.11.10     The 3rd Cultural Center Concert

2018.11.13      Special Lecture on ‘The Right Use of Drugs’ by Dr. Kuk Joong-suk   

2018.11.16      The Korean American Society Institute Fall Forum                                                

2018.11.30     Movie with Dr. Choi Sun-ok, ‘A Beautiful Mind’                       

2018.12.01     Exhibition by Artist Seo Dong-ju with 2 art teachers

2018.12.05     Organizer: Korean American Women’s Association of Chicago, Korean Institute of Mind Health in Chicago  

2018.12.15 Art Exhibition of 8, Ta-ji: In Search of a Junction

2018.12.15     Next Generation Seminar

2017.02.12    The 1st House Concert ‘Piri’ Invitational Concert

2017.04.15    Exhibition and auction of cultural heritage art (fundraising)

2017.04.28    Friday National Music Concert

2017.04.30    The 2nd House Concert

2017.05.18     Eunshin Khang Exhibition

2017.06.03    Friday National Music Concert Performance

2017.06.11     Small concert with a commentary by Park Soo-kwan.

2017.06.12     Busan Photo Exhibition

2017.06.16     Lithographs and Ceramics Exhibition by artist Kim Ki-chang

2017.06.17     Special Lecture on Literature of the Society of Foresight Literature

2017.06.30     Friday Concert

2017.07.09     House Concert in Chicago, Saxophone Performance

2017.07.15     Urszula Lelen Exhibition

2017.08.03    Kim Chongok Massey Solo Exhibition

2017.08.10     The Problem of Korean American Health Self Care

2017.08.18     Jungja Jae & Dorothy Ma deGeneres Exhibition  

2017.08.21     Total Eclipse Space Show 

2017.08.22     House Concert in Chicago, Sookmyung Armonia 

2017.08.25     Jeju Concert

2017.09.02     Chicago Korean Art Association Member Exhibition

2017.09.16     Chicago Calligraphy Association Member Calligraphy Exhibition 

2017.09.24    The 7th Fundraiser Choir Concert and Dinner

2017.10.05    Kim Joo-sung Solo Exhibition

2017.10.07     Garage Sale, Song-Pyeun Rice Cake Making Lecture, Korean Food Tasting, Poongmul Performance with Korea Daily 

2017.10.18     Artist Jeong Gi-ho Invitation Exhibition of Calligraphy work, Hanji, and Wang Gol Crafts  

2017.10.22     House Concert in Chicago at the KCC Gallery   —Clematis Cello Quartet  

2017.10.27     Next-Generation of Leaders Program – Social Impact Incubator Competition   

2017.10.29    The 1st Cultural Center Concert ‘Stellio Trio’

2017.11.17     Movie with Dr. Choi Choi-ok “Shaw Shank Redemption” 

  1.              English Book discussion

2017.12.01     Busan Photo Exhibition and Asian Art Collection, Calligraphy Works Exhibition

2016.02.27     Congressman Bob Dole Speaks of Experience of Visit to Korea and Lecture by Professor Choi Jin-Wook

2016.06.04     Cultural Center 5th Anniversary Invitation Art Exhibition

2016.09.25      Held Fundraiser Concert

2016.12.03      Joint initiative with the Consulate General of Chicago, “Inspired Korea in Chicago” Harris Theater

2016.12.03      Symposium on the Next-Generation of Korean Leadership in the Midwest

2016                 Won Bok-ja Korean Pottery Ornament Society Member’s Exhibition, Calligraphy Exhibition, Oriental Art Exhibition, Local Artist Exhibition

2015.06.06     The 4th Anniversary Invitation Exhibition

2015.09.27     Cultural Center Choir Festival Held at the Skokie Performing Arts Center

2015.12.05     New Leadership Program

2014.04         Held Career Seminar 

2014.08.01   The 2nd Annual Next-Generation Leader Training Program 

2014.08.09   The 19th Chicago Korean Festival, Introduce Korean Food

2014.09.15    ‘Taste of Korea’ Reception: Korean Food and Beverage Tasting and Introduction

2014.09.17    Chicago Poongmul School – Visit to Korean, Performance and cultural exchange. Cheongnam Yesan National Samul Nori Competition, Busan Metropolitan City Performance

2014.09.27   Attend the Chicago Gourmet & Wine Celebration at Chicago Millennium Park

2014.09.27    Held the 1st Student Art Contest  

2014.10.09    Participate in the ‘Taste of the Town’ event organized by the Village of Wheeling

2014.11.16     Cultural Center Fundraiser Event “Sky Flower” Theater Performance  

2013.04      ‘Gangnam Orchestra’ Invitational Performance

2013.08       The 1st Annual Next-Generation Leader Training Program

2013.11.02   Korean Food Lecture and Korean Cooking Competitions

2012.06.23    International Festival ‘Queen’s Morning’

2012.11          The Boswick Historical Exhibition in Chicago and Detroit

2012-2014     Special Photo Exhibition of Comfort Women

2011.04     Held K-Pop Competition

2009.07.29     Cultural Center Vice President Transcontinental by bicycle

2009.08.30     The 4th General Assembly and Fundraising Event; Reveal intention to purchase a building

2008.06        Participate in Chicago International Sister City Festival 

2008.08.14   Participate in the Bryn Mawr Korean Street Festival selling Korean food

2008.09.21   The 3rd General Assembly and Fundraising Event

2007.07.08      The 2nd General Assembly and Fundraising Event

2006.03     The 1st General Assembly Fundraising Report ($800,000)

2005.05       Awarded $200,000 Grant from the Overseas Koreans Foundation

2005.10.25  Korean-American Association Chairman Kim Gil-young Proposal of Brick by Brick in development Cultural Center

2019 Hangawi Event