Text Pixelize – Jiwon Kim Solo Exhibition

Text Pixelize – Jiwon Kim Solo Exhibition

Exhibition: July 6 – 23, 2022

Opening Reception: July 9, 2 pm

The designer will exhibit 15 works under the theme of Text Pixelize, 2022 at KCCoC Gallery, Korean Cultural Center in Chicago, Illinois, USA from July 6 to July 23, 2022.

Graphic design has been influenced by postmodernism and its concept has been developed to attain deconstructive properties. The visual expression of deconstructive graphic design deviates from the traditions and rules of modern graphic design, and it focuses on anti-aesthetic expression that rejects beauty. The works in this exhibition are the third result of deconstructive graphic design that contains everything the designer can imagine. Following the solo exhibitions in 2018 and 2020, the works in this exhibition also maximized the ambiguity of the message by applying various expression techniques such as the use of passwords, deletion of letters, and metaphors of images through mixed media collage. As texts and images are pixelated and deconstructed, experiments in non-regular and ambiguous forms of visual play emphasize the role of active readers to readers who come in contact with the work. In addition, by expanding the flexibility of thinking and enabling the spectrum of the reader’s own various interpretations, it will demand free reading of the work.

디자이너는 2022년 7월 6일 부터 7월 23일까지 미국 일리노이주 시카고한인문화회관 갤러리에서 Text Pixelize, 2022 라는 주제를 가지고 15점의 작품을 전시한다.

포스트모던의 영향을 받은 그래픽디자인은 해체적 성향으로 그 개념이 확장되었다. 해체적 그래픽디자인의 시각 표현은 분명 모던 그래픽디자인의 전통과 규범에서 일탈한 것이었고, 그 특징은 아름다움을 거부하는 반(反)심미적 표현이 주를 이루었다. 본 전시 작품들은 디자이너가 상상하는 모든 것을 담은 해체적 그래픽디자인의 세번 째 결과물이다. 2018년, 2020년 개인전에 이어 이번 전시 작품들도 mixed media collage를  통해 다양한 암호 사용과 글자 삭제, 이미지 은유 등의 표현 기법들을 적용시키며 메시지의 모호성을 극대화시켰다. 글자와 이미지가 픽셀라이즈되고 해체되면서 비규정적이고 모호한 형태의 시각 유희의 실험들은  작품을 접하는 독자들에게 능동적인 독자의 역할을 강조시킨다. 아울러 사고의 유연성을 확장시키며 독자 스스로의 다양한 해석 가능성의 스텍트럼을 가능하게 하여 자유로운 작품 읽기를 요구할 것이다.