Lunar New Year Celebration 2020 (Sul Holiday Event)

Lunar New Year Celebration 2020 (Sul Holiday Event)

Date: 1. 25. 2020

Location: Korean Cultural Center of Chicago Gallery, KCCoC Museum, and Event Hall #1


The Korean Cultural Center of Chicago and the Korean American Women’s Association organized a Lunar New Year celebration ‘2020 Sul’ on January 25th at 10am, that was held at the Cultural Center. Approximately 200 guests, Koreans and foreigners, learned about the celebration of the Lunar New Year through a variety of activities and experiences including performance by the Boulta ensemble.

Guests enjoyed, playing a round of Yutnori, Jegichagi, try on hanbok, Korean Lucky-pouch making, learn the new year’s traditional bow ‘sebae’, and writing down their new year’s wish. They also enjoyed a variety of Korean foods; New Year’s dumpling soup, Japchae and Korean fried vegetables. Aside from the ‘2020 Sul’ event, guests experienced a special exhibition of ‘Korean Traditional Hat Exhibition’ at the Cultural Center Gallery by viewing the hats as well as trying them on.


시카고 한인 문화회관과 시카고 한인 여성회는 1 월 25일에 ‘2020 설’ 잔치를 개최했습니다. 약 200 여명의 한국인과 외국인들이  불타 앙상블의 공연을 시작으로 윷놀이, 제기차기, 한복입고 세배하기, 소원쓰기, 복주머니 만들기 등  다양한 행사를 통해 한국의 전통 설을 경험하고 설 음식도 즐겼습니다. 그외에도 갤러리에서 열리고 있는 한국 전통 모자 특별전을 관람하고 모자들을 써보는 체험도 했습니다.