Journey Chicago: Navigating Borders: A Creative Collaboration

Journey Chicago: Navigating Borders: A Creative Collaboration

Journey Chicago는 Chicago Cultural Alliance의 45개의 회원 기관에서 주최하는 multi-event festival이다.  이 프로그램을 통하여 시카고 시민과 방문객에게 모든 Arts, Discussion, 공연 및 음식으로 다문화로의 여행을 제공한다.  특히 이번에 시카고 한인문화회관에서는 South Asia Institute와의 협력 프로그램으로 Navigating Borders라는 주제로 파키스탄과 한국의 공통적인 관심사인 분단에 대한 Lecture와 함께 각 문화 그리고 함께하는 공연 그리고 Refreshment가 제공할 것이다.


This event is part of Journey Chicago, the Chicago Cultural Alliance’s annual citywide festival of cross-cultural events. South Asia and Korea share a common history of being divided by an arbitrary line that gave rise to new nations, India and Pakistan and North and South Korea. This year is the 75th. anniversary of the Partition of British India and the current exhibition at South Asia Institute revolves around the aftermath of the event.


The collaborative program that will be presented by SAI and KCCOC will highlight the experiences of the people of the two nations with talks by South Asian and Korean academicians: Dr. Hardeep Dhillon and Dr. Ji-Yeon Yuh, followed by a musical collaboration by South Asian and Korean musicians: Sandeep Bharadwaj, Woosung Jung, Suwan Choi, Chansoo Lee, Yun Sil Jang, Deokhwan Kim. Food from South Asia and Korea will be served. Attendees will have access to the exhibition at SAI following the event.


Date: Sat. Oct 22, 2pm-5pm

Location: South Asia Institute 1925 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL. 60616

Pre-Registration Required: 100 Participants

Fee: Free