Connect-A-Kid at KCCOC

Connect-A-Kid at KCCOC

This past Sunday, December 6, 2015, Byoung Sug Kim of the Global Poongmul Institute (GPI) led a class for Connect-A-Kid (CAK) here at KCCOC. When CAK contacted us expressing their interest in working with the Korean Cultural Center for an event, Mr. Kim volunteered his services. The group met for a 2-hour session in which the children were introduced to traditional Korean drums and even got to try their hands at it!


Connect-A-Kid is a non-profit organization that connects young Korean adoptees with adult Korean adoptees through a mentorship program. The program is also designed to bring awareness about adoption.

For more information about Connect-A-Kid, you can visit


Global Pungmul Institute (GPI) is a community-based cultural and educational organization dedicated to promoting Korean traditional cultural and performing arts known as poongmul. GPI presents the youth poongmul program and its ensemble SoriBeat that aims to prepare youth for global youth leadership through cultural exchange, collaboration, education, and performance.

Byoung Sug Kim teaches poongmul classes at KCCOC! If you are interested in more information about the program, please visit: or